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Built for:


  • I was the UX Designer for this project; I worked with the product owner and development team to create the information architecture and user interfaces for the app

  • MediShare is an app that allows hospitals to input their inventory information so that we can keep track of their supply levels.

  • Keeping track of PPE inventory would not only be helpful for the patients but also help hospitals economically 

  • This app would be used by healthcare and government workers to allow hospitals to put out alerts for low inventory, or request items from hospitals with excess supplies. 


  • Condensing all of the information for speed of search

  • Organizing all of the different data

  • Simplifying the input forms  to minimize frustration

  • Making the search/request process intuitive and simple for those who are using this under duress


  • This is my rough sketch of how the app could be mapped out. I wanted to lead the user page by page to the final inventory input goal without any confusion. After review we decided it would be best if the map was on the front page to give the user immediate access to inventory levels  in their area, but also keeping the Add Inventory action front and center, being a main feature of this app



  • Creating a logo was a quick way to represent our brand and give people an idea of the apps function at a glance. Although holding hands is NOT something you want to do during a quarantine this icon comes across as giving aide, sharing, and community. Our app is about creating a community to give a helping hand to those in need during an unprecedented time. The cross symbolizes the healthcare industry with soft edges. Eliminating sharp edges creates a more approachable design. 

Hi-fi Mockups

Medishare mock.png